Margot Kidder: Superman's Girl Lois Lane Takes A Walk On The Naked Wild Side

Name:  Margot Kidder ...... Born:  Yellowknife, NWT, Canada
Birthname: Margaret Ruth Kidder...... Birthday:  October 17, 1948

Bio:  The road at Yellowknife in Canada's North West Territories where Canadian star Margot Kidder was born has been renamed Lois Lane, after the character which brought Margot worldwide stardom in the four-movie Superman series. To generations of kids, and new ones all the time, Margot Kidder is the cutesy Lois Lane. It's not something Margot herself has always been so happy about. She's done plenty of other roles in her career, including, to the surprise of many who only know her as Lois, parts which have seen her show ... ahem, how to put it, all her own not inconsiderable parts. The first time we discovered Margot Kidder nude on film was quite some pleasant surprise! Maybe, we shouldn't have been so shocked. Margot hit Hollywood, a child of the sixties and played with the sex, drugs and hippie lifestyle of the time. She and lifelong friend Jennifer Salt shared a beach house, and were buddies with then struggling filmmakers like Brian De Palma, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg. Margot had a relationship with De Palma and soon after starred in his sexy twins thriller Sisters. She's had quite the turbulent private life - three marriages, a string of partners, including former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau, and a very public breakdown in 1996, which left her homeless and later hospitalised. As a kid back in Canada, moving with her mining engineer father through 11 schools in 12 years, Margot had always been subject to mood swings, but it wasn't till 1988 that she was diagnosed as having manic depression. These days Margot's got her life back on track and her trademark husky voice has appeared in cartoons like Captain Planet and The Planeteers, and the movie and TV parts are rolling in again. To find Lois Lane nude definitely remains one for the old celebrity collection hall of fame!

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Margot Kidder Filmography: Superman, Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, The Amityville Horror, The Letters, The Box Collector, Universal Signs, A Single Woman, Brothers & Sisters, Solace, The L Word, Robson Arms, Cool Money, The Last Sign, Smallville, I'll Be Seeing You, Death 4 Told, Chicks With Sticks, Crime And Punishment, Society's Child, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Secret Adventures Of Jules Verne, The Outer Limits, Amazon, Common Ground, Tribulation, Someone Is Watching, Made In Canada, The Annihilation Of Fish, PSI Factor: Chronicles Of The Paranormal, Crime In Connecticut: The Story Of Alex Kelly, The Hi-Line, Nightmare Man, The Clown At Midnight, The Hunger, The Planet Of Junior Brown, Boston Common, Silent Cradle, Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework, Never Met Picasso, Bloodknot, Windrunner, Young Ivanhoe, One Woman's Courage, Beanstalk, Henry & Verlin, Under A Killing Moon, The Pornographer, Captain Planet And The Planeteers, La Florida, Tales From The Crypt, To Catch A Killer, Aaron Sent Me, White Room, Mob Story, Body Of Evidence, Shell Game, The Marvelous Land Of Oz, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, The Emerald City Of Oz, Ozma Of Oz, Vanishing Act, GoBots: War Of The Rock Lords, Picking Up The Pieces, The Hitchhiker, Little Treasure, Keeping Track, The Glitter Dome, Louisiana, Trenchcoat, Pygmalion, Bus Stop, Some Kind Of Hero, Miss Right, Heartaches, Willie And Phil, Shoot The Sun Down, 92 In The Shade, The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud, The Great Waldo Pepper, Stranger in the House, The Gravy Train, A Quiet Day In Belfast, Honky Tonk, The Suicide Club, Sisters, Nichols, Suddenly Single, Quackser Fortune Has A Cousin In The Bronx, McQueen, Adventures In Rainbow Country, The Best Damn Fiddler From Calabogie To Kaladar, Gaily, Gaily &c

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