Scream Queen Debbie Rochon

Crowned 'Scream Queen Of The Decade' by readers of Draculina Magazine in 2003 and inducted into the B-Movie Hall of Fame just a year later, Canadian starlet Debbie Rochon is one of the most familiar faces the world over to horror and B movie fans.

Other parts of curvy Ms. Rochon's body have also been on plentiful show for admirers through her more than a decade at the top of B movie stardom. Debbie Rochon has never been afraid to bare all for her art. Close observers of the naked Ms. Rochon will note a scar on her upper right arm which is emblematic of just how different her life might have been.She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia (not in the US, as sometimes wrongly stated for her) on 3 November 1968. Debbie Rochon grew up a child of the streets and was the victim of a knife attack while living on the streets of Vancouver at the age of just 14.

Cast in the movie Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains! alongside Diane Lane that same year, the teenage Rochon decided acting would be her life. By the age of 17, three years later, she had cobbled enough money together to leave the streets of Canada and head off to acting school in New York City. She appeared in numerous off-Broadway plays, before in the 1990s finally finding the niche that has brought her cult stardom worldwide. She's been a regular favourite of Troma Productions in movies like Tromeo and Juliet. She's won countless awards, written for numerous cult magazines and currently she hosts Fangoria Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio, a weekly talkshow detailing the latest in horror movie news and reviews.

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