Teen Legend Ariel Rebel

Adorably Ariel Rebel is undoubtedly the most popular teen model ever to come out of Canada. Her cute looks and cheeky sense of fun have made her a global star who has gone on to retain a devoted following in to more raunchy adult work. Montreal-born Ariel is so popular that she has even had a comic strip devoted to her.

It's been quite a butterfly-like transformation for Ariel. At school, she says she was never one of the popular girls. Kinda shy and unsporty, she was one of the quiet ones in class. It's only since she hit her teens that guys (and other girls) Ariel confesses, with a waspish smile, began to take notice of her.

She's seems to be getting more and more daring in her video shoots, and there's a whole army of fans lined up to see just how far she eventually goes. "I’m a snack-sized girl. One of those little treats you just can’t resist," Ariel describes herself. And she sure as hell ain't wrong about the last part!

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